Reno's Story Update 3 June 2012: Hey. Just wanted to let you know, that  I haven't abandoned this story. I had some health issues that--long story short--meant I needed surgery that led to an anaesthesia-induced brain injury. As a result, my "creative" part was completely cut off: writing--or any creative thinking, memory, detail-oriented work, etc., became too frustrating to contemplate. The good news is, these have, over time, been dealt with and Reno's been sitting there, in the background, quietly waiting for me to get my shyte together. So, soon. Thanks to those who have asked. :-)

  ~ Bethgael

Update 24 Feb 2013: The process is starting--I have Part 1 of a new story in the same world as Reno's Story and Undertow (Raith's diary): The Turk Files. File 1 deals with Tseng's past, which may help understand how I've gone with him for the next part of Reno's (which, of course, is finally edging into the actual original game time). See the link for The Turk Files down in the list. Once I have the next chapter of Reno's ready to go, I will be ordering this front page a bit better so it's easier to navigate and a bit less preachy.

~ Bethgael


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FFVII Stories 

Reno's Story Table of Contents  Updated 4 May '10
The story is here. 

The Turk Files NEW 24 Feb '13
Stories about some of the Turks before they joined Shin-Ra. Planned: Tseng, Braden, Katelyn and Dallas. 
Undertow: Raith's Story  Completed 27 May '09
Read Raith's (BC Player Char D) side. Designed to be read in conjunction with Reno's Story, and aids understanding of Reno's, particularly of Part Four. Note: I've now realised that Raith's is integral to Reno's Part Four, so have linked each chapter from the bottom of the page to indicate which of Raith's Story should be read when. It will take you offsite, but at the bottom of each of Raith's chapters, there's a link back to the next Reno chapter. Do read in conjunction. The poor boy needs some love. :)

Cold and Ruthless: Sephiroth's Untold Story
by Cvalh. Excellent of portrayal of Sephiroth, set within this version of Planet. Excellently written, definitely worth a read. :-D

Stand alone scenes, drabbles from Cloud's viewpoint at various points of Reno's Story. Mostly written as exercises, doesn't add to the story.

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