The Most Important

Well, duh. Tetsuya Nomura (and his team). The man's a genius, people.

Also, mucho kudos to Tempestmir, Cee and Rhaevyn, for much help and many discussions when I got stuck on later edits for this story, as well as Raith's Story, and others.

And a big hearty thankyou to anyone who comments when they read. This is not an afterthought, by the by, it really does help when you're stuck on a story and about ready to go "screw this" to go back and re-read comments--and not just the "wow" comment, but crit as well. So, thankyou.


Danielle from Deviant Art for her beautiful, beautiful digital chalk and charcoal drawings of the AC characters. Used with her kind permission. Don't steal them; go and browse her site and tell her how talented she is.

All other adapted images were made by me using Paint Shop Pro.

All AC and LO FF VII Images are © Square Enix, no matter who captured them.

Images are adpated from my own captures, plus a couple by this site, (used with on-site permission).

Translations and References:

Wikipedia writers for the basics.

Oliver Kong: I was one quarter of my way through transcribing FFVII before I found this completed script online. It's missing a couple of bits, such as Cloud's hilarious scene in the brothel with that infamous line, "it hurts" (probably due to slightly different gameplay), and also takes Cloud on a date with Aerith when I played the date with Tifa, but it saved me many hours of transcription, and is the version I leant heavily on when I need to check out reference details for that time in Reno's life for the original version of this story. Thanks, Oliver.

Also: the script version by Little Chiba, which has all of the different options on it. Thanks!

On The Edge of a Smile and The Maiden 2006 translations by Xcomp, thankyou for giving us the English translations of the Japanese short stories set between FF and AC released in Japan only thus far. And, later, the translations by SE from the Australian release of the Collector's Edition.

Gunshot Romance and Xcomp for translations of the Japanese version of the BC game.

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