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You may disseminate links or quote the stories as excerpts (under fair use, ie 5% or less), so long as they are credited to me (as "Bethgael") and a link is provided back to this site, and the legal notice on the front page is included.

Please do not disseminate story excerpts or links in any place where adult content is not allowed.

Please do not post in entirety on another site, with or without credit to me, as the content will change from time to time.

You may not take credit for the work, either of myself, or that of Square Enix.

Please note, that while I do not own the copyright for Reno or the other Squeenix characters, I do own the copyright on this version of Reno, Raith and any other character where the content is originally mine and not taken from canon or quoted directly from SE (which is, as an example, pretty much all of Reno's and Rude's childhoods, and the char of Raith has so little SE in him he is virtually an original char apart from how he looks and the fact he worked for Corneo before becoming a Turk). So, permission is required to use said background. Fanfic is still Intellectual Property held by the author of that fic, insofar as that property is their original work.

While it is true that I have no legal ability to prevent you pretending you wrote this, karma can be a bee-yatch at times, oh yes.

Please do not hotlink images straight off this site. This is called "stealing bandwidth." I do have a cap on bandwidth, folks, so I'd appreciate being able to keep my MB costs down. It won't work for long, anyway, as I change the names of the image files at regular random intervals, so you'll eventually end up with a bunch of broken images.

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